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Gary L Barker



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Maxwell Leadership MDPI Report with 1:1 Coaching Session

The Maxwell Leadership DISC Report is an essential tool for personal and professional development, inspired by the principles in John Maxwell's renowned book, "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth." Centered around the Law of Awareness, which emphasizes the importance of self-knowledge for growth, this report offers a profound exploration of your natural style and how it manifests in various aspects of your life.

Key Features:

1. In-Depth Self-Assessment: Utilizing the Maxwell Leadership DISC methodology, this report provides a comprehensive analysis of your personality traits, strengths, and potential areas for growth.

2. Personal and Professional Insights: The report offers valuable insights into how your natural style influences your behavior, decision-making, and interactions in both personal and professional settings.

3. Alignment with Maxwell's Principles: Based on John Maxwell's teachings, the report is designed to facilitate self-awareness and personal development in alignment with the Law of Awareness.

4. Growth-Oriented Recommendations: Receive practical and tailored advice on leveraging your natural abilities for personal growth and professional advancement.

5. Enhanced Self-Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your intrinsic characteristics, helping you to make more informed decisions and improve your interactions with others.

6. Actionable Strategies: The report includes specific strategies and actions to help you capitalize on your strengths and effectively address any challenges.

7. Clear and Accessible Format: Presented in an easy-to-understand format, making it simple to translate insights into actionable steps.

8. Versatile Application: Whether you are looking to enhance your leadership skills, improve interpersonal relationships, or advance in your career, this report provides the knowledge and tools necessary for meaningful growth.

Our PowerDISC™ will provide results that show you where your influencing strengths are so you can leverage your strengths consistent with your natural gifts in leading outcomes.

The Maxwell Leadership DISC Report is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to embrace the Law of Awareness and embark on self-improvement and professional development. It is an ideal companion for leaders, professionals, and individuals committed to understanding themselves better and achieving their full potential.

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