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Leadership Roundtable Sales Experience

Leadership Roundtable Sales Experience

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The Leadership Roundtable Sales Experience is a great opportunity for sales professionals to gather around the table to learn and grow from one another. Using sales, communication and leadership principles from John Maxwell, a globally recognized leader, this interactive experience will challenge your team to become more relational and less transactional in their approach to selling. You will come away from the table with a better understanding of how to connect with potential buyers and discover best practices to improve sales results.


In a fun, engaging environment, you will learn new skills and reinforce your current skills to improve your sales performance.


More than anything, selling is about connecting and establishing rapport. With each roll of the die, you’ll learn how to be more effective in your sales approach.


The bottom line is you want to increase your sales results. Play the game and you will learn practical tips and values that can help you maximize every sales opportunity.


We can present this leadership sales experience in person or virtually. After the experience, you will retain the materials to use in future training. We will even share some creative ways to use this great sales development tool.

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