Do you need a push in the area of leadership growth?

Do you need a push in the area of leadership growth?

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth is one of John C. Maxwell's foundational works. The hardest person in the room to lead is oneself and this book is designed to help you grow beyond your barriers. Let's look at just one of the laws together.

The Law of Pain says that the good management of bad experiences leads
to great growth and is necessary to grow. This law is a tough to pill to
swallow because pain is something we naturally avoid. But this law is
about teaching you and I how to turn our bad experiences into positive
steps leading to our success.

We can't always choose what happens to us, but we can ALWAYS choose our response. As you dig into the Law of Pain you will learn how to turn it around. I don't deny that there are things that happen to us and around us that hurt us to the core. This law isn't about denying those realities, but it is about those real hurts not getting us stuck and keeping us there.

If you are ready to step into your full potential, that begins with your personal growth journey I would love to hear from you. Whether you are looking for individual coaching or wanting to participate in an upcoming mastermind group, there is a recipe for your personal growth success and I am ready to share it with you.

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